Fun things to do in Vilnius

As Lithuania’s capital and largest city, Vilnius is a major stop along the Baltic route, and an adorable little city with only half a million people and just as many cobblestones. I think.

Although more and more backpackers are heading over to Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries are still far enough away from the main circuit that you’ll have no trouble finding quiet streets and cafés to yourself. Vilnius can be explored in a day or two, but you won’t mind spending an extra afternoon or two wandering around its old town or lounging around on the riverbanks either.

Things to see in Vilnius

Old town: The best cities are those without any particular attraction, but so many beautiful old buildings that wandering around is the best part of the visit. The old town of Vilnius is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with buildings dating back to the 13th century. Much of the neighborhood used to be a Jewish ghetto, but is now the charming city center.

Vilnius, Lithuania
Wander through the old town of Vilnius, where cars are replaced with cobblestones.

Uzupis: A Bohemian district inhabited by would-be artists and others creative types, Uzupis actually declared itself an independent republic in 1998, and its “citizens” enjoy their own flag and national anthem. If you visit on April Fool’s day, you can get your passport stamped by fake border guards. On other days, it’s just a nice neighborhood to wander.

Riverbank wandering: The rather picturesque river is bordered by grass and trees, and makes a great mid-afternoon lazy wandering activity, and a great picnic spot.

Gediminas Tower, Vilnius, Lithuania
The river in Vilnius makes a great place for a sunny stroll or picnic. Check out Gediminas Tower up on the hill.

Gediminas Tower: Climb up the hill to reach what used to be a castle, named after a 14th century Grand Duke of Lithuania, where you’ll find some rather picturesque views of the city.

Vilnius Cathedral: This shining white classical church has some interesting exhibits, including the catacombs and the tower, and sits rather prominently on a major square. The bright white classical façade will no doubt bring to mind other modern government buildings, but remember they’re all copying the Greeks anyway.

Vilnius Cathedral, Vilnius, Lithuania
It’s pretty bright in the sunshine.

Other churches: Vilnius and Lithuania have no shortage of religious attractions, which cover a number of architectural styles. These include St. Ann’s (Gothic), St. Peter and Paul’s (Baroque), and plenty of others.

Frank Zappa Statue: Perhaps the most famous of all Vilnius tourist attractions, this bust of the ethnically Lithuanian musician is an offbeat site for fans of the man and his music.

Three Crosses Hill: Another monument to Lithuania’s tense past with Soviet occupation, this monument has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. The hill offers nice views of the city as well.

Museum of Genocide Victims: This former KGB headquarters is a must for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of this region’s history of Soviet occupation. Visiting the prison cells is a rather eerie experience.

Museum of Genocide Victims, Vilnius, Lithuania
Visit the former KGB headquarters, now the Museum of Genocide Victims, for a sobering experience.

National Museum of Lithuania: For a country whose artistry is largely unknown outside its own borders, this is a great way to sample the country’s cultural and artistic heritage.

Vilnius Artillery Bastion: Though recently closed to the public, the outside of this old defensive wall is still a nice place to wander, and the park offers shady places to relax.

Fun things to do in Vilnius

There’s no shortage of activity in Vilnius, and the restaurants, bars, and cafés will offer plenty, but you can also enjoy some alternative entertainment as a way to see the city a little differently.

  • Segway tour: Don’t worry about looking dorky while you’re scooting around the city. You’ll see more than anyone else.
  • Bike tour: Get some exercise and cover serious ground biking around town.
  • Hot air balloon tour: What’s really great is that people on the ground get to practice their archery skills on you will be super jealous.

Day trips from Vilnius

You’ll find some great opportunities for nearby sightseeing. Lithuania is a cozy little place, and although you could easily spend the night in any of these smaller cities or towns, even going from one end of Lithuania to another in a day isn’t so bad.

Trakai: A picturesque red brick castle sits on a lake just half an hour from Vilnius. This is the perfect Vilnius day trip.

Trakai, Lithuania
Trakai, an adorable little castle on a duck-filled lake. Need I say more?

Hill of Crosses: Maybe a couple hours from Vilnius, near the town of Siauliai, this massive protest monument consists of countless numbers of crucifixes. Lithuanians played a dangerous game during the Soviet occupation, replacing every cross the Soviets bulldozed. Check out details here.

Hill of Crosses, Lithuania
The big ones get the attention, but check out the tiny ones below. They’re really the ones from regular people.

Well, hopefully you’ll have plenty of things to see in Vilnius. It’s a small, easily walkable city that offers plenty of charm, interesting historical and architectural sites, all rather far away from the beaten tourist track.

And check out list of some attractions from the rest of the country.

Any can’t-miss sites you’d like to mention? Let everyone know!

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9 Comments on “Fun things to do in Vilnius”

  1. I’ve spent a total of something between ten and eleven weeks in Vilnius since 2009 with Summer Literary Seminars, so I know the area, and its culture, a little bit. I like this list, with one caveat: “The Museum of Genocide Victims” is on the main street of the city, with great gov’t funding, and does not openly acknowledge the Holocaust. For this reason, I’ve never been there. “The Holocaust Museum (Green House)” is a shabby wooden building just across Pylimo Gatve, and it’s the staggering, real deal. I’m sure you know there are politics involved regarding these two museums that are very sensitive. Just an fyi for your readership!
    Keep up the good work, sir.

  2. Oh, Vilnius. I found the city to be beautiful, but with very little to offer, and the people to be the unfriendliest I’ve met anywhere in the world – supermarket cashiers were literally throwing coins at old (Lithuanian) ladies, and servers were beyond rude (and I’m European, so I’m used to less than stellar service). Then again I went in winter, and it was impossible to be outside for more than a couple of hours at a time – this is coming from someone who is from the north of England!

    1. Ouch. I had a good time there. It’s not like the city was bustling and filled with activities, but sometimes I like just being places, rather than doing things. And I’ve heard the cold is not so flattering for anyone living in some of those places.

  3. in Vilnius we have a lot things to do, and it’s shame that you hadn’t any time go for kayaking in Vilnius… for fast sightseeing we have an electrical scooter rent, for challenge SUP rent in Neris river.

  4. Lithuania is a country based on entertainment, yes there are some historical/nature sites to see, but “but with very little to offer,” ofc, if you do not know where to look and what to look, it has more attractions than London lol. Chrome has translate function, so why not go into sites for local people instead of listening to some guy who posts “Riverbank wandering:” as an attraction lol

    1. That’s not a bad idea, to be honest. I can’t always get everything into an article that I should, but that’s why it’s nice to have locals adding more information that I missed during the first visit.

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