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Montenegro climb.
Montenegro climb.

Just an extraordinarily pretentious English major who loves to wander. Why should I get a full set of silverware when I can save up to visit the Taj Mahal instead?

I’ve been lucky enough to have done a whole lot of traveling, but the world is big enough that I’ll never feel finished. I just want to see it all.

The name’s Eytan, and it rhymes with Akon. Someday I’ll thank him for making introductions so much smoother. In the meantime, hopefully you’ll enjoy my budget travel tips, ultralight gear obsessions, and other mundane nonsense, as I share my sometimes awesome, sometimes awkward international adventures.

Fun fact time!

  • I was thrown off a horse in Ecuador. It was totally not my fault.
  • I got locked inside an Italian train station for a whole winter night.
  • I somehow managed to do a voiceover for a Colombian TV show.
  • I am proudly Ravenclaw.
  • I got to #1 on reddit. Bask in my greatness. BASK.
  • I started a snowball fight in Turkey that turned into a street-wide snowbrawl.
  • I like the little models of buildings more than the real buildings.
  • I could eat Asian food forever and never get tired of it.
  • I only know one card trick and I suck at it.

More fun facts to follow as I do more interesting things worth discussing!

If you can’t get enough of me, you can also find me on:

39 Comments on “About Me”

    1. It rhymes with Akon. I was thinking of going by Ethan, which is the English version, as far as I’ve been informed, but Google+ would get all fussy over using a “fake” name. Oh well.

  1. May I just say I recently stumbled upon this blog and I think it’s going to be a lifesaver. I’ve studied abroad before but I’m planning for my first real backpacking trip and I’m looking for all the awesome advice I can get.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Obi-Wan!

  2. Hi Eytan,

    I just wanted to give you a head’s up that I’ve nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I’ve also written a few words about you and your blog. Feel free to take a look. Thanks!

  3. Hello! I found you through The British Berliner and love your posts (that I have read so far). I look forward to checking them all out in the future! Happy traveling!

  4. Here I was searching for common mistakes on backpack designs and I stumbled upon your website and I felt compelled by your awesome sarcasm to read the ‘about’ page…. And there you are declaring that you’re a proud Ravenclaw.
    So fellow Potter-head lovely website.

  5. So Mr.Rhymes-with-Akon,

    Thanks for making this website so funny and interesting and yada yada. You have just given my life new meaning by giving me something interesting to read during those hours where I pretend to be in cubicle-slavery, while actually pretty much just being in a cubicle.

    Everything on this blog is ..well, terrific.

    Landed here while searching for ‘great travel bagpacks’ and haven’t stopped reading since the last 2 hours

    *thumbs-up, hi-five, and all those other cliches!*

    Un Abrazo,

  6. I just wanted to comment on the impromptu and acute love I have of your writing style. Are you equally captivating when you speak!? Less blogging, more novelling please! I agree with you on the David’s travel mugs front. Good call.

    1. I generally operate on the basis of trying to see how craftily I can construct a sentence, hopefully to a degree that it renders less-intelligent humans incapable of understanding. That’s my favorite.

  7. Eytan, you had me at pretentious English major.

    Please continue traveling. I’m sure it’ll make for inspiring and hilarious reading.

    With regards,

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