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11 Comments on “Newsletter”

  1. Trying to subscribe to your blog posts and newsletter, but message keeps coming up, invalid email address. Thoughts on what cld be the problem?

    1. Figured it out. Looks like the email is already there. I think it’s just giving you an error message because it’s a duplicate.

    1. I usually don’t, but I know some people like to do that. Seems a bit too far for me, so I just cut back on the larger items.

  2. Hi (Eytan), Snarkynomad,
    Thank you for posting about Ethnotek packs. I’ve been trying to find a new smallish backpack without a vertical stupid zipper, and with a big enough, as in, real, water bottle pocket. I
    was about to give up and accept defeat, cause of all the stupid things designers do to backpacks. But thanks to your newsletter I’m saved! I’m getting a Premji!
    You wrote/shared about their kicks tarter.

    1. No problem. I like sharing random new things that look nice, and they reached out to me to see if I’d like it, and I was happy to share.

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