Announcing my first-ever product collaboration!

Some of you may have noticed things have been a little quiet around here lately…in fact, some of you even thought I was dead.

Believable though it may be, things have just been super busy with “regular” life lately, and I’ve only just started catching up on everything…but I’m happy to announce there was plenty going on in the meantime, including my first-ever product collaboration!

I teamed up with Wool & Prince, makers of some of the finest dress shirts around–-except with the added performance advantages of merino wool. They’re as good as it gets, and they’ve got a level of wool expertise that I wanted to leverage to create something just right.

And it’s been two whole years in the making, so here it finally is!

The secret project, finally unveiled…

Merino wool boxer briefs for men, with legs that stay in place all day.

Wool and Prince boxer brief front

I cannot put into words how lovely these are, and how well they keep everything in place––all with one weird trick that no one’s ever done before and was totally my idea and fixed everything perfectly. I’m super proud.

The legs stay in place, no matter what you do. Lunges, squats, high kicks, rolling around on the couch to find a comfy spot, or just whatever. No more constantly pulling legs down to keep them in place.

Wool and Prince boxer brief back

I’m super happy with how these turned out, and it was a lot of fun working with the team and figuring this out over the years. The finalized version showed up in the mail just yesterday, and they’re everything I’ve been waiting for this whole time. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

Which brings me to the rest of the news…

The review!

Obviously I’ll have a super-detailed review as soon as I’ve done some thorough testing…but I’m super happy with these so far, and I think you’re gonna love ’em. I just wanted to get this announcement out there as soon as the product went live, so you can hear about it right away.

The giveaway!

Even better: We’re planning on giving away several of these for free, to a few lucky readers of this blog! Just know the giveaway will likely happen after the holiday season, so if you’re hoping to get these sooner, go ahead and pick some up the regular way.

So where do I buy them?

Head over to Wool & Prince’s boxer briefs page, but keep in mind they have multiple versions. This particular model is labeled the 2.0. You can tell them apart by the contoured front pouch on this new version, as opposed to the flat panel of the original.

Stay tuned for more details, and happy holidays!

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44 Comments on “Announcing my first-ever product collaboration!”

    1. I do like Tencel, but it’s super absorbent…so in the rain it would just soak it all up. When used in moderation it can work, so it might not be so bad, especially with wool.

  1. Awesome, congrats! Now if you make a *brief* I will be happy. Still cannot find a durable, well fitting brief for the life of me. Be well.

    1. I’d, on the other hand, love for these to be made longer, with 8-9″ legs (like the Ex Officio long boxer briefs). These look great, though, and I will check out W&P’s Website. If you end up convincing them to offer a discount to your loyal readers, incidentally, I wouldn’t mind!

      1. They stretch vertically as you pull them on. They go down to the middle of the thigh, and they stay there. I can see why the extra-long legs are reassuring for people who want them to stay in place, but the rotated-fabric strategy produces a similar result. I’m pretty excited about it.

        1. Thanks for the follow-up. I absolutely like the boxer briefs to stay and not ride up, and it sounds like you (and W&P) came up with a viable solution. I have the product page bookmarked. Have a great day!

    1. I think the “spread” is a little tighter; for example, the M is 32-34, and the L is 34-36. Some other brands “skip” sizes, so that M would be 32-34, and L would be 36-38, but then a guy who’s a 35 would be stuck in the middle with nothing. Sorry to hear you’re not covered, though…

      1. Chinese cutters I think! Chinese can’t believe we are really as big as we are. Plus buyers for American traveling clothing companies can’t see beyond 38 waists. I am sorry, but there it is!

        1. This makes me chuckle inside. I go to Shanghai often and have had odd experiences with sizing.

          In the US I am a small to medium in men’s sizes. There, I am XL. I hear from my co-workers who are “big guys” that things don’t fit. Even custom suits where they measure every bit of you – they still manage to make the suit too small.

          They say to me “you are like Chinese”. “You fit perfect all of our suits”. It’s nice to be “big” somewhere.

          5’ 9.5 and 155 lbs of raw cycling muscle! ;)

  2. I would have to question your objectivity and impartiality in any future review! 🤔
    Luckily, living in Europe, I will probably not have access to these as even here, few would pay such a price for what is essentially a pair of shreddies.
    I must say though from your description and knowing you have had a degree of input into these, I expect they are the ‘dog’s bollocks’!

    1. It’s true, it’ll be hard to review other underwear now that I’ve made these. Still, some of the ideas that went into this model were things I discussed in other posts, so hopefully people will see I’m just pushing for those features whenever possible.

  3. Late to the comment party, I know, but these look great and congrats on your first product collaboration! I have no qualms about paying for a quality pair of Merino undies!

    1. Thanks! And that’s how I feel, too. If it’s just right, I’ll take it. And with the nylon-wrapped merino, it’ll last a lot longer than regular fabric.

  4. Sorry to say, but as a plus-sized (3XL) traveler, these are not for me. I do enjoy your reviews but few are large enough for me. I do appreciate how you explain what you pick, I usually end up looking for similar materials in larger sizes. Thanks for all your snarking!

    1. Yup, it’s a problem for smaller companies, trying to get those customers at the edges…a friend of mine had to go to a special wedding dress store, exclusively for tiny people, who couldn’t shop anywhere else.

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