Sorry about the email mishap!

Hey there. So a few readers have been letting me know that they’ve received the same email newsletter 50 times today. Sorry about that! I deactivated the plugin right away, as it’s definitely a glitch. I am not cool enough to fill up an inbox like that. It wasn’t even supposed to send anything today at all!

I’ve emailed customer service and I’m looking into the problem. For now I have the plugin active, but the newsletters themselves are deactivated. Hopefully that’ll stop the sending while I can look into the problem, and again, sorry for the ridiculous inbox stuffing!

This particular post shouldn’t go out to email followers while the newsletters are deactivated, but hopefully at least a few people will be able to see this and know what’s going on.

Here’s the world’s greatest kitten video to make up for it:

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2 Comments on “Sorry about the email mishap!”

  1. I didn’t get 50 copies today, but I did get this ‘sorry about the 50’ email.
    Thanks for the heads-up, hoping to read more nomad snark soon!

    1. No problem–and it was the each-new-post email that went out 50 times. The monthly newsletter didn’t send at all, but it looks like some bug fixes have taken place, so hopefully it’ll be good now.

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