Sexy tango time on Red Square

Nighttime photography on Red Square was fun, despite the mediocrity that resulted from my conspicuous lack of tripod. Life is full of challenges, though. And sometimes one must face those challenges head on.

With Tango!

Tango time on Red Square, Moscow
Give in to the power of the Tango.

Never really found out what they were really up to. It was a photo shoot, so probably a promotional photo type of thing. Olé!

Okay, you can have a few more midnight photos of Red Square. Here’s St. Basil’s Cathedral:

St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
“Make sure no two areas have anything in common. Or I’ll behead you.”

It’s pretty damn awesome, even after you’ve seen a billion pictures of it.

There’s more fun stuff in Red Square:

Red Square, Moscow, Russia
St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Tomb, and a clock tower of the Kremlin.

And here’s me trying to be artsy with time lapse photography:

Red Square, Moscow, Russia.
It was mostly because I had no tripod and I could pretend I was being fancy with flashy photo techniques.

Fun times!

The other buildings surrounding Red Square are pretty neat too. Here’s the GUM, which is now a department store:

GUM Department Store at night, Red Square, Moscow, Russia
It’s like every day is Christmas!

And here’s the State Historical Museum:

State Historical Museum, Red Square, Moscow, Russia
So the photo is slanty. Shut up. I had no tripod.

It’s a pretty nice place to visit at night, with a quiet atmosphere compared to its daytime briskness. Plus there’s Tango!

Check out Red Square by day if you’re afraid of the dark.

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4 Comments on “Sexy tango time on Red Square”

    1. The good photos you see here were the result of me placing the camera on the ground, and adding coins underneath to angle it properly. I might get one of those super tiny tripods someday, and only take it out at night.

  1. We were there during a festival so Red Square was set up with temporary structures blocking the long view of it. But St. Basil’s is spectacular and I think photos just don’t do it justice.

    1. I agree. I was staring at it for quite some time. Stalin almost knocked it down, but somehow it managed to survive him. I don’t know how it managed to stick around, since it’s RIGHT BY the Kremlin, and he must have seen it practically every day, and just never got around to giving the order.

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