Behold: Canadian culture, in a single photo

Culture…such a nebulous term, encapsulating the entire scope of human creativity, from nourishing cuisine, to heart-wrenching stage plays; space exploration, to the humble flourish of puns. How can one possibly convey the culture of an entire nation, particularly if one is limited to merely a single photographic snapshot of a solitary moment in time?

Like this:

Tim Horton's snaking line
“Honey, I’m going to miss the flight again. Yes, that’s why.”

Montreal, airport, 7:24 AM. A snaking line of Canadians queuing up to satiate their ravenous hunger for Tim Horton’s, the nation’s most beloved institution. Yes, kids. Even more than hockey. Wherever these people have to go, it’s not nearly as important as getting their Timmy’s.

Oh, and the other Tim Horton locations within the same airport also had lines, despite the immediate adjacency of alternative eating establishments. But nay, my friends and colleagues. It is Tim Horton’s or nothing with these Canadian fellows.

Just kidding, Canada. We Americans only make fun of you because dammit we’re jealous of all your free health care and non-shouting methods of communication. It’s the only coping mechanism we’ve got.

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7 Comments on “Behold: Canadian culture, in a single photo”

  1. Not certain I’d wait in line for Tim Horton’s, but just maybe. 15-20 years ago they tried Tim Horton’s paired with a Wendy’s in Minneapolis. Sadly it didn’t last. A doughnut and a burger isn’t all bad.

  2. As a Canadian, I can wholeheartedly agree with this post. Timmy’s, hockey and maple syrup are three things of pride for Canadians.

    Also, yes, lining up politely is also a thing. Except in Vancouver. They’re assholes over there.

    1. Fun fact: I got a bottle of maple syrup while I was up there, but it was too big to take home on the plane, and I wasn’t somewhere where I could make pancakes easily. So I drank it right out of the bottle. And yes, it was every bit as glorious as it sounds.

      1. Fun fact: Canadians have done that too xD I mean, why not?
        You should try some of the maple syrup candies if you ever get the chance. They’re amazing.

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